Technology has taken over the whole human race and as time progresses we would be so dependent on it that the world without it would be unimaginable.

The technology has evolved over the years from a basic computer which would require a whole room to fit in to a wearable armband. The armband when coupled via bluetooth to your mobile phone would record and report the slightest of movement in your position. It helps people with specific medical requirements to monitor blood pressure, heartrate and other variables required by the doctor for constant monitoring. This would have been just a ‘James bond gadget’ if science would not have gone high and above to find new ways to improvise and make things happen for the common man.

There are hundreds of such devices available in market similar to the armbands, such as smartwatches to keep you connected at all times when you can’t reach your phone, smart glasses to give you information about the people and environment around you. It has now gone down to the jewelry for men and women to make it stylish and tech savvy. Rings have been developed fully fitted out to be connected to your phones via Bluetooth, to give you your daily movement details with the rise and fall in heart rate, the distance covered and various other information you desire.

The most frequent question asked by enthusiasts and people who have a thing for gadgets is – what is its significance or why do I spend reasonable amount of money on it?

These wearable devices are a blessing when used in the sense they are designed for. Let’s say – when an armband designed to take readings of your posture, blood pressure, movements, etc., is used for senior citizens, could give amazing results and save lives.

Athletes use wearables as a training assistant to keep them on track and make readings of their progress while on the run. Wearables have evolved from fitness bands, watches to smart wearable sports costumes that provide all the required information an athlete and sportsman requires with zero time waiting on tests in the lab and elsewhere. It gives an edge over others in the field where it all matters.

Although wearables are a hot research topic now-a-days, there is more research to be done and many devices to advance and mature in their respective domains.

Posted by Advaiya

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