Field inspections are essential for many businesses, but they can be time-consuming and error-prone when managed manually.

Introducing the Advaiya Field Inspection App for Dynamics 365 Field Services, seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365, designed to optimize your field inspection processes. This App addresses a multitude of challenges faced by organizations and professionals during on-site inspections while offering unique benefits tailored to various industries.

Powered by Advaiya’s unique peripheral automation approach, this App accelerates effective adoption and value realization of your investments in core field services business application. This enables your unique processes and strategic differentiation while retaining the robustness, availability, and strength of Dynamics 365 Field Services.

Transform on-site efficiency and empower your field inspectors with seamless data collection with Advaiya's Field Inspection App.

Functions we support

Construction inspections

  • Construction progress assessment : Evaluate the advancement of construction projects and ensure adherence to timelines.
  • Safety regulations check : Monitor compliance with safety regulations, minimizing risks on construction sites.
  • Building code compliance : Verify that structures adhere to building codes and regulations, ensuring structural integrity.

Fire and safety inspections

  • Fire safety assessment : Identify potential fire hazards, ensuring buildings are equipped to handle emergencies.
  • Safety code adherence: Evaluate compliance with fire safety codes and standards, promoting the well-being of occupants.

Water heater service installation

  • Site condition evaluation: Assess site conditions before water heater installation, making necessary adjustments.
  • Installation readiness check: Ensure the site is ready to prevent issues.

Equipment and machinery inspections

  • Regular maintenance checks: Conduct routine maintenance inspections on equipment to ensure optimal performance.
  • Operational efficiency assessment: Evaluate the efficiency and safety of machinery, addressing potential concerns.

Transform on-site efficiency and empower your field inspectors with seamless data collection with Advaiya's Field Inspection App.

Why choose the Field Inspection App as your go-to field inspection tool for Dynamics 365?


Field Inspection App allows customization to match your organization's unique inspection processes and forms.

Ease of use

This app is lightweight with an intuitive UI for effortless usage.

Advanced document processing

The software leverages cloud based technology resulting in fast-tracked inspections along with AI-powered document processing.

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