One of the core principles of project management lies in its capacity to swiftly adapt to ever changing circumstances and make informed decisions based on insights. Yet, a significant challenge arises from the lack of readily available tools for version control, change tracking, and historical analysis poses a significant challenge. Consequently, the reliance on manual methods becomes a prevalent practice, leading to inefficiencies and the inherent risk of oversight. The default Audit history enabled in the Dataverse platform does not provide a better user experience and also the data is not readily available in the reports.

The Project Changes Tracker app for Microsoft Project for the Web is crafted to serve the diverse needs of industries relying on Microsoft Project for effective project management. It introduces a distinctive feature enabling users to seamlessly track and document changes in project metadata and schedules across time. This feature proves invaluable for trend analysis and data comparison, delivering insightful perspectives on the project's advancement and performance. With a comprehensive version history of changes, project managers gain the ability to discern patterns, foresee potential challenges, and steer their decision-making with the power of data.

Stay updated on every change in your project. Implement Project Changes Tracker and never miss a detail.

Addressing the challenges of manual project management

Version control and change tracking

Existing solutions lack robust version control and change tracking features, necessitating manual efforts for comparing project versions.

Project timeline tracking

Real-time project timeline tracking is elusive, making it challenging to spot deviations from the original plan.

Historical analysis

Analyzing lagging indicators during project execution for historical insights is a manual and time-intensive endeavor.

Stay updated on every change in your project. Implement Project Changes Tracker and never miss a detail.

Why choose the Project Changes Tracker for Microsoft Project?

Improve project visibility:
Enables the creation of a comprehensive historical record of changes.
Empowers stakeholders to understand the evolutionary journey of the project.
Provides a clear and detailed view of the project's progression over time.

Identify problems early and act on time:
Equip project managers with the ability to identify potential issues at initial stage.
Allows informed decision-making by tracking changes and key performance indicators (KPIs) over time.
Enhances the project manager's capacity to intervene promptly, mitigating risks before they escalate.

Track changes without manual intervention:
Reduces the need for manual efforts in comparing different versions of project plans. Increases overall efficiency by automating the tracking process.
Ensures that crucial information is readily available with just a few clicks, streamlining the decision-making process.

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