Project Web App with its timesheet feature enables project managers to keep track of their team member’s work status. Team members can report their day to day work on hourly basis and view their assignments, and the project managers or resource managers can track the assignments of their team members.

Time spent on administrative tasks like meetings, trainings, vacation etc., can be planned and updated using the timesheet. The time submitted by team members automatically updates the tasks and projects upon approval.


QuickProject for Microsoft Project Server 2013 helps in increasing the organization wide user adoption of timesheet. With QuickProject, you can view, update and submit the timesheet even when you are away from your desktop or laptop. The mobile app keeps the team members updated of the new assignments or when there are any changes in the assignment. Project managers, without logging into their systems, can remain updated of the timesheet status using the app.

Some of the key features that make QuickProject a useful application in the day to day life of project managers and team members:

  • Project managers or resource managers remain updated of the team members’ timesheet status, for example – whether the team member has filled the timesheet or not, which of the members have pending timesheet, etc.


  • Team Members can view the assigned tasks according to the projects and get the task details.



  • Team Members can view their timesheets – plan hours against each task and update the actuals with actual hours. They can then save or submit the timesheet.
  • T
  • Team members can even directly mark the task as complete if they are done with their tasks. The tasks marked as completed, directly goes to the status manager for approval.
  • The calendar view enables to view assignments on the calendar. The app has a feature to set the tasks as Calendar Event, so that you may get the reminder for these task events.


Is this exactly what you were looking for? Why not try it out?

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Posted by Advaiya

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