In the blog ‘Seven Project Professional features to keep your project plan up-to-date’, I talked about ‘Task Path and Critical Path’ in brief. Let’s dig it more.

Using task path project 2013, you can quickly see all the predecessors of the selected tasks in the Project Plan. This feature helps when you have a complex project plan.

To view the Task Path in Microsoft Project Professional 2013, in the ribbon click Format-> Task Path and click the dependency to be highlighted. Refer the image below:


Once the ‘Task Path’ is selected, you can select any task in the Project Plan. The Gannt Chart displays the selected dependencies of that task, see in the below image:


This is a new feature of Project Professional 2013 and it helps you to quickly check the dependency of a particular task in your Project Plan.

Just before the ‘Task Path’ option, there are ‘Critical Tasks’ and ‘Late Tasks’ option which allow you to quickly see the late tasks and critical tasks in the Gannt Chart. Critical Tasks are those tasks which directly impact the ‘Project Finish’ date. Using this option, you can quickly see the critical tasks of your project and being a project manager, you may keep track of those specific task for project success.


This way ‘Task Path and Critical Tasks’ features can potentially help Project Managers in knowing the risks associated with project schedule, identifying the late tasks, identifying the resource dependencies for completing a task, etc. Same can also be used when you need to communicate the importance of certain tasks completion to your team or management.

Stay connected, another blog is in line, where I will discuss about ‘Resource Over allocation’. Happy project planning 🙂

Posted by Advaiya

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