How many calls or requests in a week do you think the help desk receives related to infrastructure? How long do you think the help desk spend working on these issues? Apparently, more than you think.

Managing day to day IT operations hold the IT team to focus on the core business. In other words, if you’re just solving the problems and not planning to prevent them, you will always have to keep solving them.

Reasons could be relying on old technologies for running your operations and not because you do not want to upgrade. The business-critical system of your company cannot afford the downtime of transition to newer technologies. But on the other side, this causes slower performance, troubleshooting, and costs time and money.

Also, there might be a situation that you are spending much on barely used systems. The IT team keep maintaining multiple legacy systems and doing this adds a layer of complexity to the infrastructure. But again, when the problem arises it become harder to spot a problem which again needs a lot of efforts.

Chances are your company falls into at least one of these categories and is wasting at least some part of its IT budget. And all these problems come from the same place: You’re not getting enough return on your infrastructure investments.

So, is it the right time for you to move your infrastructure to Cloud?

Today users are becoming increasingly demanding: they want useful resources more quickly than ever, and they want to be able to access services whenever they want. It is not about the size of the company; it is all about the speed at which your business operates. A decision to move to the cloud gives organizations enormous advantages

Lower cost

It saves a lot of up-front costs related to hardware and human resources. You simply pay for what services you use. So, less budget for IT infrastructure and more focus on actual business problems.

Faster and up-to-date setup

It can typically be deployed in a matter of days as there is no need to install software or hardware on-site. Also, you do not have to worry about the system maintenance and upgrades.

On demand availability

It gives you the agility to scale up and down with growing or fluctuating demands. Also, it offers flexibility for employees to access the company resources and work from almost anywhere.

So, considering these points, and the benefits that the cloud can provide to your organization, I think this is the right time for you to move to the cloud.

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Posted by Advaiya

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