With the new version of Magento unveiled, there are some really good features that have come with this version 2.0.

Here is a list of top 10 Magento 2.0 features:

  1. Compatibility increased with other popular platforms
  2. Component oriented architecture
  3. New Layout elements
  4. CSS Preprocessing
  5. jQuery JavaScript framework
  6. Enhanced performance and scalability
  7. Directories structure
  8. Automated testing
  9. Enhanced security
  10. Full page caching mechanism in-built

Let me start with very simple questions, which you might have in your mind. Is it the right time to upgrade to Magneto 2.0 from Magento 1.9.x or not? Is Magento 2 migration worth it? How smooth or painful the process would be to upgrade to Magento 2.x?

It’s enticing to stick with the already existing version and resist changing to suspend the pain of switching over from the old platform and extensions. But with the version 2.0 (for both Enterprise and Community), you get better and new extensions and an opportunity for old extensions to get a new look.

If you want to know what all Magento 2 migration can bring and is it worth upgrading, you must read this post. I am listing some pretty good reasons to plan your Magento 2 migration / upgrade soon:

Enhanced performance and scalability

Magento 2 delivers speed with the incredibly fast page load time for home, category and product pages (<1.5second per page) on first view and its even faster when the pages will cache (<0.75 seconds per page)

  1. Each step has a checkout process designed for the page tool. With a reduction of 1.9 seconds per step, you can convert more visitors.
  2. It provides better shopping experience by minimizing and bundling JavaScript, compressing images and by integrating Varnish cache for better site performance.
  3. Magento also has scaled to help you handle your busiest days. Magento supports 3.5 million page views per hour and more than 25,000 orders per hour.
  4. Usage of database for order management, catalog and checkout are some features you must be thankful to.

Rich User Experience

  1. Personalization: The experiences with personalization has improved – on site behavior or other data influence content, promotion and product recommendations.
  2. Easy product discovery: With Magento 2.0 migration, your customers can easily narrow their product options and find out exactly what they are looking for with powerful search. The layered navigation now brings price, color and category.
  3. Fast Checkout: Two-step checkout process is now faster. For other information page, customers can create an account with one click without interrupting the transaction.

Is it a good time to plan your upgrade to Magento 2.0?

It majorly depends on the condition of your existing site/portal. If your site is working well and running smoothly on Magento versions such as 1.9 CE and 1.14 EE, you might need not hurry. In fact, you can start exploring Magento 2 or discuss with some future plans.

If your Magento version is a bit older, or you are facing some serious troubles on your site/portal, it would be a great time to plan for an upgrade as quickly as you can.

How smooth or painful process can it be?

Although the migration tool is ready, but be prepared for the process – it’s a major release and the process might involve some complexities. This tool has been designed to help you and your custom ecommerce solutions partner with the store setup, products, customers, orders, etc.

Also, please note that the theme and code customizations, which include third party extensions would not be transferred. You will have to redo all those customizations on Magento 2.0.

In conclusion

Overall, to conclude, I would recommend you to discuss with your enterprise ecommerce solutions partner or contact us to make a detailed analysis report whether you should or should not upgrade.  

The new Magento 2.0 features would definitely bring along good things. Some of the examples could be: you can take it as a new chance to improve overall usability of your site, get rid of your old legacy code, rethink about your business as a whole, and do much more.

Add in the comments, your thoughts and what changes are you most excited about?

Posted by Advaiya

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