Application development is a complicated iterative process. The development team goes through several rounds of revisions, testing and fixes before releasing a build. It makes the entire process complex, as well as time consuming.

To ease the process, a number of application development tools can be used to improve the app quality and help in time and effort management.

Here are Five Application development tools and frameworks described to help create your perfect app:

1. Pivotal Tracker

Pivotal Tracker is a project management tool that helps to keep track the whole development process from the very scratch to the final build. This tool can help the team members to view the work items/tasks, the assignees, the estimated effort and time. Also, they can track the progress of other project’s team members and help them to meet individual deadlines.

The basic features of the tool are: Track & prioritize tasks, share documents, one view of entire project, agile and iterative management workflow, developer friendly open API, third party tools, built-in integrations, real time, and focused collaboration and release management.



2. Bootstrap

Bootstrap is the most popular HTML, CSS, and JS framework for developing responsive, mobile first projects on web. Bootstrap provides libraries that offer ready to use pieces of code, which makes the website look pleasing. As it already has a built in set of design and styling aspects, it makes the work of developer less tedious. The main benefit of using bootstrap is that it is responsive, so the end results are uniform across varied dimensions, for example- laptop to iPad or iPad to mobile. Also, Bootstrap is fully customizable so the developer can tailor it according to the need and requirements of the projects.


3. GitHub

GitHub is one of the most commonly used version control system. When more than one members are working on a project, it becomes very difficult to keep track of each other’s records. Thus, in such situations a version control-system such as GitHub resolves the issue of handling conflicts. The other predecessors of the tool required connection to central server while making changes, but GitHub enables the user to keep a local copy and only connect to the server when those changes have been finalized and need to be shared on the central repository.


4. Postman

Postman is a strong HTTP client for testing web services. Postman allows to test, develop and document APIs by allowing users to quickly put HTTP requests. It has a very clean and intuitive user interface, which makes the features to be easily accessible and also allows users to get acquainted to its functionality without much effort.
One of the most useful feature of Postman is its automation capability that helps to automate the process of making API requests and testing API responses, allowing developers to establish a very efficient workflow.

Another important feature of Postman is the response viewer that showcases the response received from the API call. Postman REST client is a real time saver. Indeed, Postman is a must-have tool for developers who regularly work with APIs.

5. Debugger (F12)

F12 tools allow web developers to easily debug JavaScript code without leaving the browser. Debugger is a set of developer tools to help developers build and debug the webpage. It provides tools such as breakpoints, watch and view local variables, and a console for messages and immediate code execution.


Writing great webpages requires coding expertise, along with the set of right tools to find and debug issues that interrupt in smooth development. F12 tools provide a view of how the webpages are interpreted on code level. As most websites use dynamic code, debugger allows to trace out HTML content rendered and therefore helps in finding errors easily.


These application development tools are a choice of hundreds of software developers around the world. With feature-rich components, tools and services, these tools enable app developers to build and deploy business ready solutions, easily and efficiently.


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