Right now, I have the pleasure of advising Limefy, an innovative company with a purpose.  The idea behind the company is disarmingly simple- at physical events and gatherings, people need to be able to do meaningful networking and create mutually beneficial relationships.  Though the charter might seem obvious, less obvious is the fact that 4 out of 5 conference-goers call-out lack of networking as a significant factor in their ROI calculations for attendance.

The insight the Limefy team developed was that breaking the ice requires an “in the moment” nudge for most.  No doubt there are some “born” networkers who can implicate themselves gracefully into discussions but for most, an “opening gambit” of sorts is needed.  Enter Limefy, a wearable networking solution that actually lights up when a conference-goer is in the vicinity of someone with whom they have affinity.

The promise of digital transformation, wearable computing, and even the Internet of Things in general is expressed not only in the science-fiction fantasies that now seem to be realities but also in taking traditional “needs” (like the desire to connect with like-minded people) and easing the pathways to satisfying them.

That is the goal of Advaiya- to find innovative and technology-led solutions to known and unknown problems.  I’m really enjoying being affiliated with both Advaiya and Limefy!

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