One of the most enjoyable aspects of my job is learning from our customers and partners.  When I want to get pushed out of my comfort zone, I talk to the people we work with, who are doing amazing things in industry, service, and in their communities.

Take GAEMS, a leading proponent of high-tech and high-design, manifesting in the form of mobile gaming environments- though ostensibly they create a hardware solution, in fact they have created a design-based “metaphor” for the possibilities offered by the cross between physical gaming and mobility.  This metaphor can be extended to a myriad of other areas and I am waiting with bated breath to see their expansion plans.  Who knows, in 3 years they might have transformed other industries just as they transformed their own in the past few years.

The genius involved in such companies really stems from two seemingly contradictory ideas- the power of focus and the power of dreaming.  Imagine when both of these come together and fuse into one philosophy which states that “We’ll dream big and we’ll focus on making those dreams real.”

In the case of GAEMS, we are proud to count them as customers, partners, and friends.  At Advaiya, we get to dream with companies like GAEMS and execute relentlessly against the visions we have!

Posted by Advaiya

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