Workflows in SharePoint provide excellent ways to save effort, time, and cost by automating existing business functions. Here I am sharing the process of creating custom task outcomes in Project Server workflow.

SharePoint 2013 out of the box has two task outcomes – Approved and Rejected as shown below:

Let’s consider a use case – While creating a workflow in Project Server 2013, there is a requirement that if a project manager creates a project and submits it, it should go to the PMO for approval, and the PMO should get three options for approval- Forward to Manager, Approved, and Rejected as shown below:

Below are the steps to address this requirement through the custom task outcome functionality.

a)    Create a new task outcome column-

    1. Go to PWA Site Settings – > Site columns

    1. Click Create


  1. Enter column name as Project Action Outcome and in the additional column settings add all the desired task outcomes. Click on OK.

b)    Create a new content type

    1. Go to PWA Site Settings -> Site Content Type

    1. Click Create

    1. Create a custom content type as Project Action Content Type with below selections:

  1. Click OK.
  2. On the content types settings page, click Add from existing site column.
  3. Add Project Action Outcome column to it.

c) Add a newly created content type to the workflow task list.

    1. Open Project Server Workflow Task List
    2. Go to List Settings -> Add Existing Content Type

    1. Add Project Action Content Type

d) Update the wokflow-

    1. Open/create Project Server workflow in SharePoint Designer 2013
    1. Open the assign task property
    1. Expand the Outcome options
    1. Select the task content type as Project Action Content Type
    1. The output will look like below:

    1. Click Save and publish the workflow.
    1. Now when you run the workflow and edit the task, you will see a newly created task outcome.

I have implemented this approach for Project Server workflow; the same approach can be used for any SharePoint workflow.

shruti vyas

Shruti Vyas

Shruti is a technical consultant at Advaiya. With over nine years of experience in the IT industry, Shruti has a passion for data and an ability to understand and analyze it effectively. She shares her insight on various topics such as custom application development, project server customization, client-side scripting etc.

Posted by Advaiya

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