We are very pleased to announce a deep partnership with TimeXtender, a visionary company that is focused on democratizing and expanding access to corporate data throughout the enterprise.  We’ve been on the front-lines of the “negotiations” between data-hungry business users and fatigued IT departments and see a solution—a “way out”—with TimeXtender and Qlik.

At Advaiya we’ve been all about productivity from day one.  In the new “data order,” productivity is tied directly to the ability the team has to access, analyze, and act on data.  In that sense, our partnership with TimeXtender is a continuation of the work on which we founded Advaiya.

This partnership has reminded us of the “WHY?” involved in so much of what we do.  Without a solid “WHY?” companies lose direction and meander.  From day one, we’ve been dedicated to answering the questions- “Why do software and content services companies exist?” and “How do we make our customers’ customers great?”  We believe that we exist because we bring an outside, trained eye to the creation of value and help companies connect with audiences, partners, customers, and consumers.

So with TimeXtender, we are in good company.  A partnership constructed on clear business value but undergirded by the foundation of a superb set of “WHY?” statements!

Posted by Advaiya

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