Environmental awareness and stakeholder expectations for transparency are soaring nowadays, and the demand for robust Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) reporting solutions has never been more crucial. The Advaiya ESG Board Application—a ground-breaking tool reshaping sustainability reporting, will thoroughly help in ESG data management and reporting. 

The ESG Board App simplifies ESG reporting for organizations. It centralizes data collection, offers role-specific tools, and facilitates monthly KPI submissions with built-in verification. It’s user-friendly and ensures accuracy throughout the reporting process.

Participate in the exploration of the pivotal features and benefits of the ESG Board App, poised to redefine ESG reporting across diverse industries.

Advaiya’s innovative solutions to enhance the efficiency of your ESG reporting!

Step into the future with the ESG Board App – a transformative solution in ESG reporting. The era of manual data gathering and complex calculations is now a thing of the past. The ESG Board App empowers organizations to comprehensively refine and enhance their ESG reporting procedures. This application is indispensable for any entity aiming to advance its ESG reporting initiatives significantly. 

  • Role-based actions: With role-based functionalities, the app ensures that each stakeholder has access to the tools and information pertinent to their responsibilities. This not only enhances collaboration but also streamlines decision-making processes. 

  • Effortless data collection: The era of pursuing data across multiple departments has concluded. Stakeholders can now submit their monthly ESG data directly into a user-friendly portal, complete with user history and timestamps for accountability. 
  • Enhanced audit capabilities: Data integrity is paramount in ESG reporting. With the Advaiya ESG Board App, administrators can conduct thorough audits based on user remarks and uploaded attachments. Ensuring accuracy of collected data, and enhancing accountability and trustworthiness. 
  • Dynamic dashboards and reports: Embrace dynamic, multi-dimensional analyses. Leave behind one-dimensional reports and unlock the potential of insightful, comprehensive reporting to stay ahead in the game. The ESG Board App empowers organizations to generate dynamic dashboards and reports with fully automated emission calculations. From Scope 1 to Scope 3 emissions, track relevant KPIs and gain deeper insights into your emissions profile in real-time.

  • Configurability for precision: Every organization is unique, and so are its emissions factors. With flexible segmentation and configurable emission factors, the ESG Board App allows companies to tailor their reporting to their specific activities, geographic locations, and more. This level of configurability ensures precise calculations and compliance with regulatory requirements.

  • Transformative benefits: The benefits of the Advaiya ESG Board App are manifold. From automating data capture to centralizing KPI management, from enhancing visibility to streamlining audit processes, this app offers a comprehensive solution to ESG reporting challenges. With its user-friendly interface and automated calculations, companies can turn ESG reporting from a compliance task into a strategic advantage. 


In an era where sustainability is paramount, the Advaiya ESG Board App empowers companies to elevate their ESG reporting efforts. This app revolutionizes how organizations track and report their environmental footprint by automating data capture, enhancing audit capabilities, and providing real-time insights. Transform your ESG reporting into a strategic advantage with the Advaiya ESG Board App – your key to precision, efficiency, and sustainability.

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Microsoft Team Member - Jaideep Charan

Jaideep Singh Charan

Jaideep is an experienced IT professional with over 12 years specializing in SharePoint, Office 365, and Sitecore. He has led notable projects for Adani and L&T, showcasing his expertise in Sitecore and SharePoint implementations. Certified as a Sitecore Developer 8.1 and a Microsoft 365 Certified: Enterprise Administrator Expert, Jaideep combines a strong technical foundation with a BE and advanced training from CDAC. His strategic thinking and problem-solving skills make him a valuable asset in optimizing digital platforms for large enterprises.

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