Cyber-attacks are getting worse with every passing day and only 20% of the organizations are able to effectively curb them. Can Big Data Analytics make organizations secure by recognizing the patterns that represent network threats?

Industries, today, are more effectively mining intelligence buried in sheer volume of data available to them and Big Data is transforming the way data is analysed. Huge volume of diverse and fast changing data helps organizations to gain new insights by analysing them to run their business in a prominent way and gain competitive advantage. The way Big Data has been transforming businesses in each and every domain, the same competitive transformation is expected for Information Security sector as well.

Organizations are now dissolving their network boundaries by opening and extending their data networks to all the stakeholders of data to access corporate information. This openness leads to more vulnerability to data theft and misuse. The applications used by organizations, access data through cloud and mobile devices, thus increasing new information risks.

At the same time, Cyber attackers are using and developing new technologies and complex attacks to breach any secured system and sometimes these attacks are not even spotted until the entire damage has been done.

How Big Data can solve the problem of Security?

Advaiya’s Big Data research and development team conducted the study on ‘Role of Big Data in Cyber Security’ to find out its impact in recognizing cyber threats to make organizations more secure.

Big Data can be introduced into security programs or tools introduced under the security model of an organization. Organizations can gauge the security related risks using multiple data sources by incorporating Big Data into their security model. Furthermore, Big Data can magnify the capability of finding abnormal activities and behaviours which can cause serious damage to an organisation. It can emerge as a separate intelligence security model for threat detection and prevention.

This Big Data driven intelligence security model will use automated tools which will capture real time internal and external data and make it useful for analytical engines. An advanced monitoring system will be setup which will monitor information systems and network resources to provide risk assessment based on the dynamic risk models generated on the basis of behaviours and activities within a network.

An N-Tier infrastructure with centralized data warehouse will be setup to provide all security related information for helping the security analysts to process complex dynamic security related queries and searches. Advanced active controls along with integrated security based tools will trigger the automatic defensive measure. This will facilitate the security analysts in taking immediate decisions when any high risk security breach is detected.

Advaiya believes that Big Data Analytics in Cyber Security will bring a vast impact in areas of identity management, risk compliance, authentication, threat identification, data loss, network monitoring, authorization, etc. It would change the way people look into the IT world from suspicion to a trust based environment

Posted by Advaiya

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