O365 is a powerful tool for collaboration and improving employee productivity.  O365 with SharePoint provide modern ways to communicate and organize information and documents. Have you been able to leverage your O365 investment to the full potential or do you want to move from an existing traditional intranet to a modern communication platform? Do you want to reap full benefits of O365 to build superior Intranet capabilities for your organization? If yes, then here are quick five tips to make your Office 365 Intranet a success.

Prioritize O365 tools for your Intranet

Assess the immediate needs and prioritize the O365 tools that are required for execution. Trying to achieve more without a defined plan would result in slow adoption and engagement.

Plan phase one for immediate needs and get that running. Being agile makes it easier to adopt and to determine needs for the next phase. Train employees on how to use the intranet effectively and educate them on how it improves organizational productivity. Make sure you communicate the best practices to use the company Intranet. Gather regular feedback from the teams and share it with the Intranet managers for further improvements.

User experience

Provide a consistent user experience and navigation across the Intranet site. Remember, personalization is the key. Users appreciate personalized and contextual information than spending time on searching for it. Your Intranet should be able to provide contextual information based on role, location, and interest of your employees.

Provide one single place for all your company information

Make your Intranet the home page, one single place for all the company information including news, blogs,  announcements, links to internal applications used often such as payroll, leave management system and timesheet.

Provide users with the flexibility to personalize and change the placements of the widgets as they would like.

Enable enterprise-wide social engagement

The global market for Enterprise Social Networking continues to grow and is pegged to reach US$4.8 billion by 2023. Yammer being an effective social tool becomes an essential element of any organizational Intranet. Integration with social channels such as Yammer, Twitter, and Facebook helps you gain real-time conversation.

Provide anytime anywhere access

SharePoint online, an important tool of the O365 intranet, enables to provide access to sites, documents and information anytime, anywhere. Without any infrastructure overhead, you can easily meet the compliance requirement and share information from mobile device, office, or from home.

Now that you know what it takes to build a successful O365 intranet, here’s the next step.

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