Sitecore is an enterprise-class content management system (CMS), and its Experience Marketing System (formerly known as DMS)  module can advance your digital marketing practices and enhance conversions from your website. This Digital Marketing System helps bring quality leads through email, mobile, web and social channels right at your fingertips and makes information of campaign and site performance easy. Sitecore Experience Marketing System is a robust marketing solution that allows a one-stop shop for marketing data and insights for an enterprise

Sitecore Experience Analytics reports help you to categorize patterns and trends in customer interaction data, collected from websites and other data sources in the following ways:

Dashboard – provides an outline of key analytics and performance indicators
Acquisition – identifies what is driving traffic to your website, e.g., which campaign worked well and which didn’t, channel sources, target keywords, or referring site
Audience – gives you knowledge of who your visitors are, from where they landed on your website, and showcase the efficiency of your buyer persona strategies
Behavior – helps you evaluate your visitors’ actions. What pages have they visited and what have they downloaded on that page?
Conversion – gives you knowledge of what is most effective in driving customer’s attention for your product or service

Sitecore Email Experience Manager, smoothly integrates with your web platform, helps you execute targeted campaign, track performance metrics, perform marketing automation and personalize the content.  Some of the exciting features are:

  • It lets you customize your customer information and send email dynamically across customer segments
  • It also provides information about the entire customer journey, starting with email open rate and click-through to website actions and engagement, goals and conversions
  • Allows you to define an end to end campaign workflows by identifying the right actions and scheduling it to trigger at the right time
  • Allows you to test every single component of a campaign to establish and improve customer engagement

Another element which makes it a hot cake is its seamless social integration by making social conversations part of the connected customer experience. There are a variety of powerful solutions to help you make the most out of your corporate social media, starting from allowing social communities on your website to connecting social data to drive most relevant and exceptional customer experiences across channels.

Sitecore Experience Marketing System has the power to take your web presence to the next level. Its advanced analytics can be very helpful to identify the visitors and thus converting them into leads. It can deliver everything from basic analytics to sophisticated email campaign management with the highest level of customizations. In this way, marketers can achieve content, analytics, testing, email, personalization, and automation in the same interface and can track all the data at a single location, thus avoiding the need for various platforms and unnecessary administrative work for your marketing team.

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