Business requirement

Develop and implement template based smart document authoring tool to create survey report quickly by using reusable content in a familiar, intuitive Microsoft Word environment. This is useful to prepare frequently repeated survey documents.​

Solution and Outcomes

EHSI Document Authoring tool which addresses the following areas: ​​
    • Effective document authoring experience while preparing frequently repeated survey reports.​​
    • Template based smart document authoring tool to facilitates:​​
    • Automatically integrate document properties​.​
    • Smart Content – Dynamically suggests content options based on current text.​​
    • Lookup Content – Lookup and suggests content based on keywords​.​
    • Import data from Excel sheet in the document with proper formatting​.​
    • Reuse Smart Content multiple times at multiple places in the document​.​
    • Easily define and reuse Smart Content schema and mapping for keyword/ tags​.