A leading industrial process fluids manufacturer: This company successfully navigated the transition from multiple disparate customer relationship management (CRM) systems to a single centralized CRM. Their strategic approach involved conducting a comprehensive audit, unifying global CRM deployment, and implementing role-based dashboards for stakeholders. This streamlined process ensures efficiency and continuity in their operations.


    • Merger of two large corporations with separate CRM systems and multiple teams
    • Diverse account management processes, and overlapping datasets​
    • Leveraged transformational opportunity to overhaul sales processes
    • Need for a scalable solution to support global operations


    • Difficulty in obtaining a unified view of customer interactions
    • Existing Oracle CRM data model and processes
    • Migration of Dynamics 365 CRM customizations from old system
    • Complex existing processes for offers, trials, and opportunities
    • Increased operational costs due to multiple CRM systems


    • Conducted a comprehensive audit of existing CRM systems.​
    • Unified global CRM deployment
    • Continuity and expansion with preservation of historical data
    • Migration strategy to unify both companies’ processes and data with minimum disruptions
    • Role-based dashboards for various stakeholders
    • Provided extensive training for user adoption and change management

“ We’ve used Dynamics 365 to build much more than a CRM solution. Thank you, Team Advaiya!! ”

– Global sales director

Engagement coverage and highlights

    • Lead management
    • Account and contact management
    • Opportunity management
    • Trials management
    • Product catalog management
    • Campaign management
    • Account potential identification
    • Approval workflows and escalations
    • Business unit-based access management
    • Region-based, role-based reports and dashboards
    • Integration with project management, document management tool


Solution discovery & Envisioning

Six weeks


28 weeks

User adoption

Five weeks

Maintenance & updates, support

Dedicated support team


Records Migrated

As per migration logs

<18 hours

downtime Migration

From system uptime report


Data validation Workflows

As per CRM system's configuration and customization documentation


Countries with trained users

As per user adoption survey report


Documents Migrated

As per migration logs


Data redundancy Reduction

As per data quality audit reports

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