Our initiative focuses on digitizing project management for a large steel manufacturing group using Microsoft Project for the Web. By addressing challenges like inefficient tracking, inconsistent documentation, and resource allocation issues, we aim to enhance efficiency and reduce operational costs through advanced digital solutions and comprehensive user training.


    • Traditional project management methods were primarily manual and paper-based.
    • Projects involved multiple teams across various locations, leading to communication and coordination challenges.
    • Limited visibility into project progress and resource allocation.
    • Frequent delays and cost overruns due to lack of real-time project tracking.
    • Need for a scalable solution to manage complex projects efficiently.


    • Inefficient project tracking and reporting causing delays in decision-making.
    • Inconsistent project documentation and lack of a centralized repository.
    • Difficulty in managing project dependencies and timelines across multiple sites.
    • Resource allocation issues leading to underutilization or overburdening of staff.
    • High operational costs due to project delays and inefficiencies.


    • Implemented Microsoft Project for the Web to provide a centralized, digital project management solution. ​
    • Developed Power Apps Model Driven app and Power Automate workflows for process automations.
    • Microsoft Teams Integration for automated meeting creation & meeting attendance tracking.
    • Tableau based Reports & Dashboards to track the important KPIs.
    • Provided comprehensive training sessions to ensure user adoption and effective utilization of the new system.

Implementing Microsoft Project for the Web has transformed our project management processes. We now have real-time visibility into project progress, allowing us to make informed decisions and keep our projects on track.

– Agile transformation lead

Engagement coverage and highlights

    • Project charter creation and approval
    • OKR creation and approval
    • KR creation in Project for the Web
    • Squad creation
    • Ticket creation – single and bulk
    • Epic creation
    • Sprint creation
    • Stand up meeting scheduling, rescheduling & cancellation
    • Attendance tracking
    • Project Charter revision
    • Announcement
    • Data Snapshot
    • Automating the Process hygiene, Process quality & OKR scoring calculation
    • Workflows for approvals, notifications
    • Stakeholders – reports and dashboards


Solution discovery & Envisioning

Four weeks


24 weeks

User adoption

Four weeks

Maintenance & updates, support

Dedicated support team


KPIs tracked through reports


Data validation workflows


Reduced manual work


Data quality index


Reduction in Project Charter setup time


Reduction in OKR setup & approval

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