Business requirement

AA Asphalting is one of the largest asphalt and concrete restoration company in the Pacific Northwest. The sales team was using Excel spreadsheet-based solution to keep a track of leads received on daily basis, but it was a little cumbersome as it involves extensive manual work for lead capturing, errors in inputs, and loss of sales due to a lack of consistent process, the overhead of filtering and categorizing the leads for territory, and a lot of dependencies and follow-ups before the lead enters the CRM.

The Advaiya team worked with the AA leadership team to build Canvas App for the inside sales team that enabled tracking and managing leads in a quick and efficient manner directly in the Dynamics 365 CRM.


  • The app uses the CDS (Common Data Service) connector to integrate with Dynamics 365 for Sales and can be accessed across all devices like desktops, phones, and tablets

  • Based on different business rules defined in the CRM, an appropriate owner to the lead is assigned

  • The app guides the inside sales team to identify all the required information to submit a lead.

  • The app automatically alters the lead capture form to collect the details based on inquiry type.

  • Power Automate is used to notify the owner and other relevant individuals in the organization with a link to the lead record in CRM to take further actions around lead evaluation and qualification

  • Developed a CRM report to display the list of leads received through the app and filter the data based on owner, geography, lead source, and inquiry type.

Outcome and Benefits

  • Higher productivity – no rework for lead capture as no outdated system is being used

  • A unified system to store, manage, and track leads

  • Increased sales due to less time and effort spent on capturing the leads

  • Easy to scale app with a data-driven approach

  • Almost no manual intervention with a lot of savings in overhead costs