Struggling to keep track of scattered notes across accounts, leads, and contacts in Dynamics 365? Introducing Notes Consolidator, your one stop solution designed to streamline your note-taking experience.

Notes Consolidator for Dynamics 365 helps you to stop drowning in the sea of unnecessary but organized information. Finally, this is an end to the frustration of having notes distributed all over entities inside Dynamics 365. Our app improves note viewing by being integrated into the account details page, where, when clicked, the viewer is presented with all notes related to that particular account and all the related opportunities, leads, and contacts effortlessly.

Boost collaboration & insights. Notes Consolidator for Dynamics 365!

Key features of Notes Consolidator for Dynamics 365

Unified notes view

This has an easy-to-use interface from which all notes related to accounts, opportunities, leads, and contacts can be viewed and edited.

Comprehensive information display

For each note, you have a clear clout with note attributes like title, description, last modified date, and other details about the creator.

Effortless navigation

Farewell to interchange screens! The Notes Consolidator app is situated within the account form area and allows one to have access to the notes at any single moment.

Entity-specific notes gallery

Essentials or What you ought to care about. Personalize each of the account’s associated entities with their note galleries, ensuring you can focus on the data you need without distraction.

Boost collaboration & insights. Notes Consolidator for Dynamics 365!

Why choose Advaiya's Notes Consolidator for Dynamics 365?

Seamless integration

Our app seamlessly integrates with Dynamics 365, allowing users to effortlessly utilize the system. No more errors in transitions between screens—find all lead, opportunity, and contact notes in one centralized place.

Enhanced user experience

Notes Consolidator brings your notes together for easy access. No more switching between screens - find all lead, opportunity, and contact notes in one place.

Increased productivity

Helps your team become more productive with proper tools and organization, leading to less stress and an increased work output.

Expert support

Additionally, at Advaiya, clients are offered expert consultancy and support for continuous satisfaction when using the Notes Consolidator application.

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