Scorecards provide historical, current, and predictive views of business operations and resources in easily understandable dashboards and reports.

Sales and marketing

Drive engaging insights with interactive and easy-to-use dashboards and drill into the entire pipeline from customer acquisition to retention to optimize overall campaign strategy for competitive advantage.

Financial summary report

Streamline financial processes and stay up-to-date by assessing company’s financial performance in past and current fiscal periods with meaningful reports and dashboards to improve overall cash flow and income.

Customer service dashboard

Regardless of role, the unified view of information (like count of open tickets, backlogs, response/ resolution time, and more) offers a regular track on performance to identify improvement areas and take relevant actions.

Employee performance

Get a realistic view of employee’s performance and contribution to the company by assessing individual KPIs
and other performance metrics in line with company’s vision.

Comprehensive roadmap for enterprise information landscape

Deep industry specific experience

Implement the best data management practices

Standardized processes and pre-defined checklists

Business process understanding

Use of the latest tools & technologies

Turn your data into actionable insights

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