Initiate powerful changes across operations and meet strategic goals effectively

Enabling conglomerate corporations to optimize and streamline their functions at every level

Internal operations of conglomerates demand streamlined communication across diverse organizations and require effective management of common services for staying competitive. The diversified nature of operations under a conglomerate can lead to a lack of internal transparency and compromised customer trust. Unlock synergies with conglomerate-wide strategic initiatives by implementing advanced digital transformation solutions which can provide visibility across business ops for streamlining management by maximizing communication and engagement across channels.

Bring coherence to diversified business and harmonize the digital presence of the brand and customer experience.

Conglomerate businesses need to address chaos and viability concerns by applying industry-leading solutions which make it easy to share the strengths of their individual business units across the enterprise. We at Advaiya, understand the challenges of scale and value chain within diversified businesses. Our solutions can bring coherence to diverse organizations working together under unified management.

Diversified businesses operating out of different locations and working on different generations of operational systems need a calibrated digital transformation. Our workplace management solutions are crafted for businesses operating on legacy systems, looking to adopt a seamless integration with new and upgraded organizations to leverage the true potential of a corporate conglomerate.

Advaiya’s vision for business conglomerate transformation

Advaiya aims to help conglomerate corporations by aligning business contexts with their technological imperatives and helping them achieve their strategic goals effectively.
We at Advaiya have the right expertise to help execute the right digital initiatives within the conglomerate, optimizing common functions, and creating a more modern workplace that promotes innovation and collaboration across all the operational units.
Advaiya aims to:
  • Effectively manage different business processes, compliances, and mitigation of risks through strategic changes
  • Develop a more secure environment by implementing corporate security plans
  • Assess programs to ensure systematic functioning of each component of the conglomerate enterprise
  • Streamline and manage strategic projects, performance, and productivity through centralized digital systems
  • Maximizing productivity, profitability, and performance while minimizing manual efforts and risks through intelligent automation and digital solutions

Our innovative digital solutions related to conglomerates

Conglomerates and corporates are advancing rapidly, and the current economic environment is only accelerating these advancements. Advaiya provides innovative digital transformation solutions to integrate into your existing strategies and processes in order to remain competitive and up-to-date.

Cloud migration

Transfer your business data and applications from on-premises architecture to cloud solutions.

Leveraging data

Our innovative data analytics solutions make sure that your business is leveraging data better to receive the best out of raw data insights

Embedded analytics

Access relevant data-driven insights through continuous workflows to ensure better business decisions

Business process automation

Eliminate manual tasks and streamline end-to-end business operations with intelligent automation.

Comprehensive business management

A single business management solution that binds together different parts of your business.

Customer insights

Scale your business with predictive customer insights and improve customer experience

Explore our offerings for other industries

Our enhanced innovative digital solutions help you build a reliable and scalable business.

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Construction and EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction)

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Professional services

Professional services

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