Meet your specific information needs and make better decisions with Power BI solutions for visualization and aggregation of data from across multiple sources.

Data visualization & reporting

Identify emerging trends faster
Access relevant information
Monitor goals and outcomes
Reduce time-to-market
Data discovery and aggregation

Information need assessment
Data standardization
Data transformation
Data visualization and adoption
Scorecards and dashboards

Sales and marketing dashboard
Financial summary report Customer service dashboard Employee performance scorecards
Analytics for business insight

Customer analytics
Workforce analytics Opportunity identification Demand driven forecasting

Transform data into insight and action

Marketing analytics

Understand your market better and get instant visibility into performance and trends.

Sales analytics

Sales analytics Efficiently manage your sales pipeline, forecast sales and target customers to increase conversion rates.

Human resource analytics

Analyze everything from recruitment to performance assessment and more at-a-glance.

Finance analytics

Make sense of your critical business data with unprecedented speed, accuracy, and confidence.

Operations analytics

Streamline processes, analyze supply-chain, improve forecasting and become more competitive.

Customer support analytics

Better understand your customer needs and how to serve them quickly and effectively.