BI Survey Report 2018

Make intelligent decisions with business intelligence

See how companies around the world are using business intelligence (BI) and analytics to transform data into insights and action for profitable growth.


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    If BI and Analytics is used in an efficient manner, companies can be more productive, save money, and identify new business opportunities. To put more emphasis on how companies – use BI, Advaiya has conducted this research and surveyed the individuals most responsible for BI initiatives at some level within their organization.

    Key Findings:

    Nearly two-third (67%) of the respondents are not satisfied with the bi tool that they use.

    Majority of respondents (96%) agree that they import data from various sources and create a separate database or warehouse for analysis.

    63% of respondents surveyed say that their organization is highly mature in implementing bi initiatives and using bi company-wide in a standardized way.

    Importing data from disparate and legacy systems (76%) is growing as a challenge followed by complex extract, transform, load mechanism.

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