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By Virendra Sharma, Practice Director, Business Applications at Advaiya

Continuity and continuous improvements in work management techniques are highly important factors that are missed by many stable businesses. In a dynamic and highly competitive industry, especially in energy and utilities businesses, which are transforming rapidly, this becomes more important and critical. Optimizing operations and enhancing sustainability with AI-powered work management within the energy and utilities sector requires a strategic approach focusing on proficiency and resource management with environmental considerations.

Here are the core aspects of AI-enabled work management in the energy and utility sector:

• Team assignment: Efficiently allocating human, material, and cost resources across the projects and company is vital. Incorporating AI into team assignment processes can lead to more efficient resource utilization, improved team performance, and better project outcomes. AI-based algorithms can effectively work on skill matching, resource allocation, task prioritization with workload balancing, and take care of underutilized resources.

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