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Peripheral Automation- The First (Second) Step in Digital Transformation

No concept has animated technology and business circles more in the last decade than “Digital Transformation.” The idea is simple- traditional organizations need to replace analog products and processes with digital ones, heralding a new world of work, engagement, innovation, and growth. While the idea is enticing, the path to get there is fodder for much debate. This debate has led to many “how-to” articles; in reality, even practitioners who have presided over Digital Transformation journeys can point to a variety of paths. But they can agree on one thing- the first step is to make the decision to do it and to prepare the organization culturally.

So the tactical first step is really the second step. We offer one idea as to what the right second step might be. Of course with all DT journeys, context is king. But, given the vagaries of risk and reward, we post that “Peripheral Automation” is the right starting point, after the cultural decision has been made.

Let’s unpack this. All organizations, even with a basic IT infrastructure, have core elements of the business and ancillary elements, and in keeping with this have core systems and, extending the analogy, peripheral systems. The core systems can be thought of as “crown jewels” while the peripheral systems as important but adornments nonetheless. Automating these peripheral systems first, offers the right risk-reward balance and gives the team a test-bed to perfect its methodologies.

This is not to say that test systems are unimportant. Not at all. But getting peripheral systems automated offers a tripartite advantage to the organization-

1. Peripheral Automation allows the company’s core business to function while the transformation process begins.

2. Peripheral Automation creates efficiencies that can be directly connected to productivity.

3. Peripheral Automation, when successful, frees time and energy to sink back into the Digital Transformation journey.

Peripheral Automation is a great second step in the ongoing Digital Transformation journey. Start with the satellite and move into the core. Digital Transformation is not a silver bullet, but a step-wise plan can help quicken the journey.

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