September Chapter Meeting: Corporate Reformation & Digital Transformation

September Chapter Meeting 

Corporate Reformation & Digital Transformation -

Creating Analytics Pipelines That Turn Data Ingestion To Business Intelligence

Speaker: Dharmesh Godha, President and CTO of Advaiya

Tuesday, September 15. 7:00 PM

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Creating a strategy around data and data governance is pivotal to achieving a successful digital transformation. Organizations need to understand what they’re trying to achieve from digital transformation and how it makes a difference in their industry, and to their survivability and their competitive advantage. They must then work this back to the technologies that enable transformation and the data that fuels the technologies to implement data governance strategies that match.

To ensure the right data is in the right hands at the right time, organizations must work relentlessly to identify and reduce islands of bad data. This can be achieved by moving rapidly to adopt agile data processes that enable the business to move more quickly, and to be more responsive to internal and external data needs. Most importantly, they need to ensure teams are aligned to a common vision with a pragmatic path to driving the desired outcomes.

What You'll Learn

  1. Analytics strategies to develop a data culture 
  2. Business need for data warehouses & data lakes
  3. Optimizing analytics with a self-service and integrated querying tool

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