After Q1 2020, digital transformation is no longer an option. – Forbes

Organizations must leverage technology-led innovation to intensively change business interfaces, processes, models, and competencies. The underlying goal is to gain a sustained and resilient business advantage with the improved customer experience and better productivity.
The current crisis highlights the need to be flexible–the ability to adapt and manage a complex, loosely, and tightly coupled set of operations that any business is today.
For business resilience, businesses must use digital technologies to enable more diverse ecosystems—varied and flexible supply chains, remote work locations, multi-channel customer interfaces, visibility across myriad systems, etc.
Success rates for digital transformation initiatives can be low. Overzealous procurement of the buzz-word platform only causes a resource drain. What work are tailored approaches, based on an organization’s unique contexts and needs.

Digital transformation may not imply big-ticket disruptive interventions, and well-placed initiatives with high impact can progressively (and quickly) drive significant changes. Making technology work requires intelligent analysis, selection, integration, implementation, and adoption.

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Manish Godha


Manish has over 20+ years of IT, technology consulting, and marketing experience. His experience spans the areas of software development, enterprise architecture, marketing, assurance, risk management, security and IT governance. Having founded Advaiya, Manish currently contributes towards shaping overall business strategy, and provides direction and vision to the organization’s various business initiatives.
Dharmesh Godha

Dharmesh Godha

President and CTO

Dharmesh is the President and CTO at Advaiya Solutions. Dharmesh has 20+ years of experience in various technology platforms, solution design, and project implementations. At the current role, Dharmesh enjoys analyzing the direction of technology platforms and aligning Advaiya’s initiatives to the state-of-the-art in technology and business. He focuses on developing the vision and architecture for solutions on improving enterprise productivity and consumer experiences.

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The digital transformation imperative

We will cover relevant aspects of:  
Why digital transformation, and why now?

Building an effective digital transformation strategy.

Identifying and planning the transformation initiatives for business impact.
What can be done when resources are short?

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