Marketing is one of the key business functions within an organization. Without an efficient marketing plan in place, even the best services and products can have a tough time finding the relevant audience for it. To strategize, plan, and execute campaigns, marketers need to organize and streamline everything to keep up with the fast pace of digital media.

Wouldn’t it be great if the marketing team can rely on a single place to dump all the assets, easily access them whenever needed, collaborate and share, and stay updated all the time. Modern Intranet can serve as the perfect vehicle for running your marketing operations smoothly, taking it to an entirely new level. It can help in streamlining and speeding up processes – getting information from a single place even on the go, taking input/approvals from top management, peers, audiences, or maintaining all campaign details for reporting.

See how it can make life easier for the marketers:

The whole organization on the same page

Poor internal communication often leads to missed opportunities. Marketing team continuously work on time sensitive deadlines, and they cannot entertain any delays. When the right people aren’t brought into the conversation at the right time, then opportunities are missed.

A social intranet increases organizational intelligence and allows teams to interact with each other and share useful information across departments. Social networking capabilities help team members from across borders to discuss and work on projects collaboratively.

Here’s a screen from Advaiya’s AdVanced Intranet that allows all your company’s information and updates to be displayed at one place. It’s your Home Page @ work.


A centralized hub to maintain brand consistency

One of the key challenges marketing department faces is to ensure that their brand is consistent across every region, department or languages. Modern Intranet provides a centralized storage of brand assets. Your company’s intranet can provide guidance on how any brand assets can be used. With the help of internal social networks, you can ask experienced colleagues to share the best practices for others to follow.

Advaiya’s Advanced Intranet allows employees from the organization to provide guidance and share their knowledge with their colleagues.

Regular updates on business needs

Modern Intranet provides an excellent platform for updated company information to alert all your employees about the change in policies, benefits, awards and recognitions. etc.

Here’s a screen from announcements section of the AdVanced Intranet. The departments are all notified for any new happening throughout the company.

Easy access to Client Data

For marketing department having easy and quick access to customer data is very important. A modern intranet can be used as a virtual database, which allows your staff to input all the relevant information.  Having quick access to useful information means not having to scramble everywhere to find it as and when required.

AdVanced Intranet provides quick access to all the important documents and makes it easy for you to find the relevant information at a single place.

Increased collaboration in the organization

Collaboration is a central focus for many businesses. Marketing department often needs to collaborate with other departments to come up with great ideas to get a product out to its potential audience, or answer a media query on specific services. If team members can collaborate easily, they can discuss strategies quickly and determine how they can move forward with the clients.

With AdVanced Intranet, you can experience centralized communications and collaboration across your organization.

I’m sure you are interested in knowing more about how AdVanced Intranet can help your marketing team in getting things done quickly and efficiently. For an individual meeting to discuss how AdVanced can help you and your team become more efficient, contact us via:
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