Organizations have always prioritized keeping employees connected and providing them with the tools to do their jobs efficiently and effectively. Technology has become an invaluable asset in recent years, contributing significantly to improved productivity levels.
Today's workplace is witnessing more disruption than ever before. Employees desire the flexibility to work from anywhere on any device with tools that boost productivity and enhance their work experience.
These issues have driven organizations to embrace modern workplace solutions to provide seamless data and app delivery across multiple locations while safeguarding their endpoint devices.
What are the advantages of this digital workplace era, and what workplace solutions should we expect? Here is our list of five modern workplace solutions.

Modern workplace solutions offer numerous advantages.

Over the past several years, digital technologies have rapidly advanced to enable people to work on the go. Now we can work from anywhere with cloud-based and mobile solutions.
These are just a few of the numerous advantages modern workplace solutions provide.

Five digital workplace solutions you must consider

Intranets were once the go-to way of communication among colleagues. But as technology has progressed and changed, there are now numerous technological options for meeting, chatting, and working that you may not have considered before. Let's take a look at the five top choices in modern workplace solutions today.

1. Communication tools

Communication is fundamental for any company's success. Communication plays an integral role in enterprise productivity and the success of employees and organizations - no matter how successful they become.
Digital communication platforms offer more security than email since they eliminate the risk of misplacement or incorrect distribution of information. By centralizing all relevant data, these systems become a one-stop source for corporate communications.
Setting up dedicated work groups using tools such as Slack or Microsoft Teams allows everyone to stay informed. This simplifies communication and maximizes participation from key stakeholders. Every member of the team can contribute by suggesting solutions, offering feedback, and answering questions - engagement is essential in motivating teams and helping them reach their objectives.

2. Collaborative suites

According to TravelPaerk, 76% of businesses have already made the switch to a hybrid workspace model. If your company is following suit, then you will require a digital workplace tool in order to facilitate this transition.
Digital workplace suites are modernized alternatives to traditional office spaces that can be utilized by distributed teams. They can replace traditional offices and offer more features than what a traditional workspace environment can provide.
So, which are the ideal digital workplace tools for you? Cloud-based collaboration suites are a no-brainer when searching for the ideal solution. Mobility has become essential in today's workforce, as employees require constant access to data and other resources.
You must be able to adapt and utilize a collaborative suite in order to maximize the potential of your digital workplace.
For instance, Google's G Suite provides a suite of digital transformation tools such as Gmail, Docs, and Drive. Employees can easily share information and gain access to an expansive set of tools designed to enhance communication and collaboration at work.
Dynamics 365 suite is Microsoft's collaboration suite that facilitates communication, storage, and management of information as well as business activity. Word, Excel, and OneDrive are essential productivity tools for your employees.

3. Business process automation software

Selecting the appropriate business process automation solutions is essential for businesses in today's digitalization era. Companies are always on the lookout for technology solutions that will enable them to run their operations more efficiently and effectively.
Over 80% of corporate leaders report increasing work process automation and using remote labor. Selecting the appropriate tools to accelerate intelligent Automation is essential, as these solutions can produce quicker outcomes with fewer programming skills required.

4. CRM tools

Cloud CRM solutions are an integral component of digital transformation. A cloud CRM solution acts as a hub of tools that support companies' sales, marketing, and customer service operations.
Enterprise CRM systems are not limited to CRMs alone. Many CRM tools give salespeople and marketers all of the features they need in one convenient place - even including CMS software!
As a small business or early-stage startup, it's wise to opt for simpler solutions like Super Office or SugarCRM.Large enterprises can benefit from various CRM platforms like Salesforce CRM or Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

5. Project portfolio management tools

Achieving project management success means increased efficiency, faster time to market, and beating your competition. Selecting the ideal digital tool for your company and ensuring its widespread usage are essential factors in making it successful.
PPM solutions that are effectively utilized will enable your team to create tasks, plan timelines, monitor progress, and increase efficiency. It also gives managers and team members visibility into project activities which in turn leads to happier customers, more productive employees, and successful projects.
Microsoft Project Online, Jira, Monday, and Trello are some of the top project management solutions. Research your options carefully so you can choose one that best meets your requirements.

Adopting digital workplace trends

Innovation is inevitable in the IT industry. Organizations that embrace digital transformation solutions often experience cost savings, enhanced security, and an improved employee experience.
Yet it must not just be about using cutting-edge technology to boost productivity - each organization must have a personalized digital workplace tailored specifically for its needs - from design and optimization to taking into account people and processes.
These tools can make people more productive and enable the digital transition strategy. Adopt the mantra "Work Smarter not Harder" with these capabilities that enable organizations to automate repetitive tasks, freeing employees to focus on more intellectual projects.
Talk to our team today about modern workplace productivity solutions. We’ll help you work efficiently and stay connected with your team without a glitch from anywhere in the world.
Saurav Pranay

Saurav Pranay

Saurav is a Microsoft certified member for Dynamic and Project Online and has over fifteen years of experience in Project and Process management and has been involved in many Dynamics and Project Online implementations and have addressed solutions to challenging business needs by clients.

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