We look at the impact of evolving technology trends through the lense of business. We have a global team of skilled professionals who possess diverse capabilities and vast experience. We now bring more than a decade of experience serving our customers successfully, meeting unique contexts and needs with leading-edge technology, marketing and business capabilities.

  • Audience centricity: We have a deep understanding of technical and business audiences across various verticals, functions and geographies. We build on our accumulated learning to understand and address different audience personas and archetypes to create and deliver messages and value relevant to them in different channels and mediums.
  • Unique combination of skills: We bring together a range of business, technology, marketing and creative capabilities. Technology and marketing are part of our DNA. Our technology experts indulge in a plethora of widely adopted technologies and processes (unified communication, cloud, collaboration) as well as trending technologies (IoT, SDN, Big Data, BYOD). Our business consultants have expertise in enterprise architecture, IT strategy, sales process, business value assessment, analysis, and process modelling, with extensive knowledge on a range of industry verticals. Our creative team then works to provide a superlative audience and user experience.
  • Organizational maturity: Our team has many years of collective experience, and for more than a decade we have been working with top notch and demanding customers. We have evolved practices and processes that ensure visibility and control, effective and timely execution, and high-quality deliverables.
  • Our unique model allows us to work with clients as a reliable vendor, valued partner, and a trusted advisor. We believe in continually investing in intellectual assets – people, products, partnerships and processes –to consistently serve our clients.