One of the most significant problems faced by companies, IT departments, production plants, and facility management departments is lodging of complaints in their daily operational activities.

Are you looking for a software or application which can take care of these problems? Are you looking for a solution which can automate the process of raising tickets? If you are, then you must know about Helpdesk application for O365 which can automate the process of generating and managing tickets.

Here are some features of Help desk:

Ticket generation through an email:

Technology is growing exponentially, and there is automation in every sector. People do not have time to place a complaint manually. Help desk system on O365 can play a crucial role in this automation where one can send an email to helpdesk account and ticket will be generated automatically.

Automatic assignment of the ticket to the technician based on the Business rule:

Assignment of the ticket to the concerned person manually will lead to a waste of time. With Help desk, it will be possible to allot the ticket to the concerned person based on their role.

SLA violation/ escalation of the ticket if tickets are not resolved/responded on time:

There are many tickets which may not be responded and resolved on time due to various reasons. Manager or HOD has to be notified about this delay so that they can take further action Help desk SLA violation system will automatically check if tickets are not responded or resolved on time and then a notification will be sent to the manager or HOD.

Work log assignment:

It is essential for the manager to know the distribution of resource and with Help desk, team member/technician of the assigned ticket can log their work hours(duration). The manager can also view the number of tickets raised during a period.

Task delegation:

Many a time, it happens that technician is very busy with some task and there is another high priority task that needs to be completed, or he may require some help from sub technician. Helpdesk system provides a mechanism where a technician can manage his/her assigned task by adding sub-technician or helper to accomplish the given task. They can also add worklog hours to each task.

Ticket approval:

Some tickets are created which may require approval from higher authority. Within the Help desk system, the approver can manage and validate the tickets.

Ticket detailed history:

A detailed history of each ticket is maintained in Helpdesk which can be referred at any point of time. It is also possible to generate reports using the ticket lifecycle feature.

Convert the ticket to change management:

There are some complicated tickets which need proper planning and approval process. These types of tickets can be converted to change management process.

Help desk system is a complete automation solution for managing and solving customer tickets with bare minimum efforts. This application helps in better customer satisfaction and an increase in productivity of technician.

Posted by Advaiya

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