One of the core values of Advaiya is having a growth mindset—always be learning, always be improving. And with that sentiment, every Friday, we have knowledge sharing sessions, such as “Building Presence Voicing Thoughts”, project showcase or reading circle session.
This week, we had a really interesting and relatable topic in our reading circle on ‘Managing Uncertainty,’ moderated by our practice director Virendra Sharma. referencing the article Strategy under uncertainty by McKinney.
The session started with identifying the need to have a strategic direction towards managing uncertainty. Virendra explained how precise prediction is required in the traditional approach to strategy. Neglection of ambiguity can be by assisting with a four-level system. This four-level system consists of a clear enough future, alternative futures, a range of futures and true ambiguity.
The four levels brought a lot of real-life incidents, case studies and situations shared by the individuals. The methodology that we outlined in our reading session provides the discipline to think scrupulously and critically about the system’s complexity. This discipline allows organizations to choose which analytical methods can help make decisions at variable degrees of uncertainty. It helps to create an organization adaptable and agile towards upcoming dangers.
We also discussed about some practical tactics which would allow us to manage uncertainties in our personal and professional lives, especially in the light of COVID-19 pandemic and the rapidly changing technology tapestry. Some key takeaways were to always be learning, be agile and develop the ability to critically evaluate the situation and deal with it.

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