Field visits can be a tedious and time-consuming task for any service company. To ensure the most qualified technician is available quickly to solve an issue, many factors must be taken into account; even the best-laid plans of schedulers may go awry due to traffic jams, delays, missing tools, and inaccessible parts. Even with careful preparation, these can cause mishaps.
Here are the most prevalent issues encountered by field service companies:
  • "Our technicians often struggle to complete work orders due to insufficient knowledge about the equipment or a lack of instructions."
  • "Appointment and scheduling on Excel sheets or email calendars make it harder to keep track of each technician and work order."
  • "We must improve communication with our customers about schedules and billing invoicing."
  • "Our technician shortages can cause delays in our field operations. On the other hand, sometimes, our technicians face a lot of idle time."
  • "How can we include other parties and subcontractors in our business process?"

How to select the appropriate field service management software solutions

Technology is revolutionizing how companies conduct business today and their interactions with customers. Every step in the process provides companies with an opportunity to identify new issues, gain useful insights, and drive customer loyalty.
Field service organizations are no exception to digital transformation, yet managers in these roles will face unique difficulties dealing with siloed field teams, outdated systems, and new management software. It may take some effort to comprehend or even get used to these issues; everyone, from technicians to managers, has heard horror stories about poor field service experiences first-hand.
Evaluating a business plan is the initial step to finding the optimum field service solutions. It is also essential to identify any problems or pain points within the process so you can pinpoint their causes and find an effective remedy.
When selecting field service management solutions that can address common issues, there are many elements to take into account. Our years of expertise in field service industries transformation give us insight into why reliability is so essential when selecting efficient field service management solutions.

Digitization increases productivity

Digitization can certainly increase productivity for many organizations.
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service can assist you in planning and executing field visits on-site, offering digital support for this critical yet difficult area of business. Algorithms and automation make the automated scheduling of field technicians much simpler. Mobile platforms are especially advantageous to technicians who use them during and after their jobs. Microsoft's cloud application can cover the entire field service process, including customer communication, inventory management, KPI analysis, and customer relationship management. After just a short period of use, companies in transportation, construction, installation, maintenance, repair, and industrial services have reported significant cost savings, improved resource allocation, significantly streamlined processes, and improved ROI.
According to the Finances Online research, the productivity of employees has grown for about 75% of field service organizations that use mobility solutions, while customer satisfaction has increased for the remaining 25%.

Experience the power of automation with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service.

Field service tasks range in complexity and length. All require various skill sets, from residential installations, maintenance, and services like HVAC, landscaping, drywall repairs, etc. to industrial service requirements like boiler and plant installations and also their customer-side field services. Businesses can utilize field service automation solutions for the organization and assignment of jobs to the right technicians using optimized scheduling. This technology promotes field crew safety by ensuring they only receive assignments they are qualified for with adequate information, training, equipment, and tools necessary for successful completion.
D365 Field Service can offer more efficient service with tools that suggest the optimal routes and even calculate them automatically. Algorithms enable technicians to be available more frequently, plus they help with scheduling appointments - leading to more appointments per week and having a highly-trained technician on-site faster.
Automating scheduling and dispatching workers efficiently through mobile field service solutions not only facilitates efficiency but also enables businesses to comply with safety regulations.

Intelligently connected field service

The field workforce is constantly on the go, moving from job to job. Mobile apps provide flexibility, communication, information, and the capability to complete tasks quickly. Field service automation tools with integrated mobility solutions keep technicians constantly aware of the requirements while they're out in the field; customers receive real-time GPS updates so field employees can focus on priorities; technicians may also provide maintenance history, so they are aware of equipment problems or existing customer records.
Businesses are also incorporating virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and other technologies to offer certain jobs. For instance, a multinational automotive manufacturing company - Toyota makes use of mixed reality with Unity and Microsoft HoloLens 2. Mobile devices can be used to do visual walkthroughs or interactive video sessions with clients or other technicians, as not all issues require an in-person visit. Mobile field service apps give less experienced technicians the confidence to answer job inquiries knowing that veteran employees can provide assistance remotely.
Dynamics 365 Field Service makes collaboration among service professionals easier with its integrated devices, IoT Infrastructure, and cloud-based apps. Customers and technicians now have a 360-degree view of all customer assets Information as well as the ability to easily schedule maintenance. This makes it easier for the field staff to identify, refine and resolve problems faster while increasing resource productivity.

Field service analytics

Field personnel who utilize Dynamics 365 Field Service can take advantage of Microsoft Power BI's enhanced capabilities for providing customer service insights and advanced business analysis. With this suite of business analytics tools, organizations are able to analyze data, generate compelling visual reports, and take actionable actions based on that insight.

Create and customize stunning reports with an extensible, scalable, and secure architecture.

D365 Field Service with advanced analytics enable organizations to quickly adapt to market changes, seize new opportunities, and run multiple business models - all while automating all related processes.
Wrapping Up
Customer services are experiencing a seismic shift in the digital-first era. This transformation is not only widespread - it has an immense impact on how customers shop, shares experiences, and are treated by companies. Customers themselves are driving this evolution forward across all customer lifecycle touchpoints - from pre-sale to post-sale.
This can be seen as a worrying trend for businesses. On the contrary, new technologies offer businesses unique chances to stand out among competitors and build lasting relationships with customers. These provide companies with numerous digital channels through which they can communicate with their clients, improve product or service quality and relevance, and learn from mistakes.
What technologies are driving this digital transformation to the field service industry, and how can field service businesses adapt? This blog highlighted a solution - Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service. This tool offers customers flexibility while streamlining field service workspaces and management processes.

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