My Masters’ of Science thesis in Transportation Engineering was on a dynamic traffic assignment problem – figuring out the best routes for drivers with given origins, destinations, start time at origins, while optimizing their time during interactions with other travelers on the road throughout their trip. It was a far-fetched goal that did not seem very practical at that time and I am amazed we have achieved that goal since my graduation – rerouting ourselves as we follow along the directions on our phones.

My latest obsession is with Power BI. Using a Power BI dashboard is like a traffic assignment problem. You have an overview of the situation to begin with, and many paths you can follow and explore to get to where you need. You can travel down onto a new road you have never been on and discover a new way to get around. You can even ask questions from a friendly dashboard if you are not clear.

Begin a new journey and learn to get the most out of your time by knowing your way around the dashboard and reports, slicing and filtering the data using a variety of techniques and asking the right questions, both of your dashboard and of your report creators to make it work for what you need.

Interested in learning more: attend our upcoming Live Demo: Power BI Showcase – Dashboard Essentials for Users on December 13, 2016 @10 AM PT


Posted by Advaiya

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