Nexsys Business Division

Account Intelligence

  • Advaiya Nexsys apply its deep technology research, analytical and development skills to profile and analyse the target accounts and identify relevant sales opportunities
  • Tracking target accounts on professional and social networking sites to bring all the social media ‘signals’ into set of reports and identify the relevant sales opportunities
  • Accelerate  your sales and deepen your account relationship:
    • Retain and safeguard engagement with existing accounts
    • Identify the relative upsell and cross sell opportunities by analysing product usage and licenses in current accounts
    • Replace competitor products by presenting relevant solution scenarios, use cases and their value comparison
    • Target new accounts where products and services have not been monetized

IP Rights Realization

  • Advaiya Nexsys provides the detailed analysis on the usage of your IP in particular territory or account and assist you in identifying the relevant IP monetization and realization opportunity in that account.
  • Carrying out detailed investigations on  social networking sites, field survey, market study etc. to ascertain the potential usage of software in a very specific manner pertaining to an individual account.
  • Enabling sales driven detailed investigation of software usage within the accounts:
    • Extending/ expanding product usage and licenses in current accounts
    • Presenting new product scenarios and use cases
    • Identifying new departments/ teams to promote products

The Mechanics

  • Tracking target account on professional and social networking sites and their updates, skill sets mixing it with field survey, financial due diligence, market study etc.
  • Understand sentiment behind the statements or comments made on social media sites and other forums.
  • Brings all the insights into dashboards and represent the key sales opportunity
  • Converting the information into tangible business and implement relevant marketing and sales tactics to engage.
  • Developing an efficient and effective software monetization strategy for that account
  • Partnering with you in your pre-sales and sales activities

Success Stories


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