Location: Gurgaon 

Experience: 3-5 Years

We are looking for a skilled Technical Writer with coding experience to join our team and take ownership of writing clear, concise, and accurate API documentation. As a Technical Writer specializing in API documentation, you will not only have a strong command of language and technical writing but also possess coding skills to understand and document complex APIs effectively. You will collaborate closely with our engineering and product teams to gather information and translate it into comprehensive API guides, reference documents, tutorials, and other technical content.

Key responsibilities: 

  • Work closely with engineering teams located in various geographical regions to gather information about API functionality, updates, and changes.
  • Utilize strong language skills to translate complex technical concepts into clear and concise documentation that can be easily understood by developers, both locally and globally.
  • Be mindful of cultural nuances and differences when communicating with international teams and incorporate culturally appropriate language and examples in the documentation.
  • Adapt documentation style and tone to resonate with the preferences and expectations of developers in different regions, ensuring that the documentation is relevant and relatable.
  • Coordinate effectively across different time zones to schedule meetings, review sessions, and collaborative discussions with remote teams, ensuring efficient communication and collaboration.
  • Conduct thorough quality assurance checks on the documentation to ensure accuracy, completeness, and consistency, taking into account regional variations and requirements.
  • Gather feedback from local and international stakeholders, including developers, product managers, and technical support teams, and incorporate their input to continuously improve the documentation.
  • Provide cultural training and sensitivity awareness to team members, especially those working in different locations, to foster a more inclusive and collaborative work environment.
  • Collaborate with localization teams to ensure that API documentation is effectively translated into local languages and adapted to meet the needs of developers in specific regions.
  • Identify opportunities to streamline documentation processes, improve efficiency, and enhance collaboration between teams located in different countries, driving continuous improvement initiatives.

Qualifications and skills: 

  • Bachelor’s degree in Technical Writing or Computer Science.
  • 3 years of specialized experience in API documentation (NodeJS).
  • Proficiency in reading and understanding code written in Node.js, including familiarity with asynchronous programming, event-driven architecture, and common Node.js frameworks, such as Express.js, NestJS.
  • Capability to interpret code snippets, examples, and documentation provided by developers to accurately describe API functionality and usage.
  • Competence in troubleshooting and debugging code-related issues to ensure accuracy and completeness of API documentation.
  • Comfort with navigating through code repositories, version control systems (e.g., Git), and development environments to gather information and verify API behavior.
  • Aptitude for collaborating closely with developers to clarify technical details, verify API functionality, and translate code-level information into clear and concise documentation.
  • Meticulous attention to detail to ensure accuracy, consistency, and completeness of API documentation, including adherence to style guides and documentation standards.
  • Flexibility to adapt to changing priorities, requirements, and environments, including the ability to work effectively in a fast-paced Agile development environment.
  • Proficiency in using documentation tools specifically tailored for API documentation, such as Swagger, API Blueprint, or similar tools, to create clear and comprehensive API documentation.
  • Exceptional written communication skills with a keen eye for detail and clarity, capable of translating technical information into clear and concise documentation targeted at developers.

Posted by Chagan Webanix

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