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Advaiya is Leading the Technology Consulting and Implementation Services

In an interaction with Mr. Manish Godha, Founder & CEO at Advaiya. He said, “The key characteristics of such businesses from a digital transformation perspective include the importance of customer engagement, work management, and people productivity”.

Give us an overview of Advaiya? What are the USPs of the brand?

Advaiya is a technology consulting and implementation services company specializing in tailored digital solutions for the services vertical, focusing on business apps, analytics, and the cloud. Advaiya has expertise in working with and for service businesses and functions, including field services, project services, professional services, and corporate and conglomerate services.

We recognize, especially for services businesses and functions, the value of customer interaction, work management and planning, and people development. The key characteristics of such businesses from a digital transformation perspective include the importance of customer engagement, work management, and people productivity. We thus provide solutions enabling better insights, increased productivity, easy work management, and decision-making.

How is Advaiya different from its competitors?

We stand out with our understanding of our client businesses, engineering excellence, and unmatched support. Our clients experience the advantage of a global team of talented professionals who bring together diverse capabilities while providing world-class solution delivery.

We have built continued relationships with globally admired companies, where we have provided services on multiple engagements over many years. Our focus, this experience, and resulting expertise make us unique.

What has been the impact of COVID-19 on your business? How have you helped your clients navigate through crises?

The pandemic impacted our customers and target markets differently in different sectors and geographies. Demand for our services shrank and we had to rework focus areas, delivery models and sales methods. We refocused our business to help customers revamp their core operations. At the same time, we adopted work practices and training sessions to productively work remotely. Especially during the last year, we had enabled our clients, successfully implement and improve business management systems in a hybrid work environment. With our expertise, businesses could experience the power of cloud and analytics right at their fingertips while working remotely in different locations worldwide. Advaiya’s services for its customers enable better decision making, enhanced customer experience, increased business efficiency, and technology-led innovation, even in crises. We have enabled technology solutions for our customers which have become very relevant in these times.

Brief us on why businesses should invest in ‘customer engagement’?

Customer engagement start at brand discovery and connection and extend through service, feedback, and loyalty. Investing in customer engagement, especially in digitalization, should aim at creating a seamless, simple, and integrated customer experience. This enables effective presence and discovery, smoother conversions, reliable and high quality fulfillment, better after-sales service, and loyalty. Customer engagement thus banks on a range of systems which need to be integrated and aligned to the goal of customer success. Critical, as it is for a business’s survival and growth, this requires continuous investment and innovation.

How technology consulting and implementation services provide digital transformation solutions?

Advaiya’s consulting and implementation services help organizations grow faster and become more profitable by implementing strategic changes with the help of technology.

The digital transformation journey involves defining a strategy for a business that is aligned with technology’s potential and then creating a road map for implementing the same. This has to be followed by a diligent and high-quality implementation which should drive technology adoption as well as monetization for a company.

As the digital infrastructure grows, the potential for newer insights, creativity, and better decisions gets realized. Any organization would, at this point, see many more opportunities for intelligent automation.

Hence, we believe in the 4I approach of consulting and implementation, that is, information strategy, implementation, insights, and intelligence, as key for successful digital transformation.

What are the challenges that service industry should look out for?

With services vertical as our focus, we realized that the key characteristics of such businesses, especially from the point of view of the digital transformation perspective, include the importance of customer engagement, work management, and people productivity. These challenges can be overcome with the right set of solutions that automate redundant work, increase collaboration, enable digital agility and rapid upskilling, which are critical for services organizations today. Creating value and introducing a business model transformation, along with the need to improve resource utilization should drive technology adoption. Thus, services businesses should aim at implementing solutions that enable better insights, increased productivity, easy work management, and informed decision-making.

What are the future plans?

Advaiya is on target to more than double its value creation in the next 12 months. We believe that there is an enormous opportunity for service organizations to adopt newer and more innovative technologies and achieve more. With our focus on solutions for customer engagement augmented by associated work management, productivity, and data capabilities, we are set up for deeper engagements with existing clients in the areas of business analytics, applications, and cloud, as well as extending our client base. Our team is growing rapidly, and we are investing significantly in building structures, practices, and capabilities for superior solution delivery.

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