Are you a business looking for a centralized system? Do you rely on multiple software to overview your business operations?
Thousands of businesses in the market are struggling due to disconnected systems. Maintaining the same data at multiple locations and using different software for every business activity can make a working day cumbersome.
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central offers an integrated solution for businesses of all kinds. The centralized software solution combines all sales, service, marketing, project, accounting, financing, and operations functions while giving users detailed insights. Increase your business productivity with an all-in-one system with Dynamics 365 Business Central.
Watch the recording of our webinar “Steer next-level business growth with Dynamics 365 Business Central” to learn more about how business central can address your business needs.
In this webinar recording, you will:
  • Learn how connected, immersive experiences can transform your business
  • Understand how disconnected systems may be constraining your growth capabilities
  • View a demo walk through on Dynamics 365 Business Central
  • Understand how you can transfer your existing systems to the all-powerful Dynamics 365 Business Central
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    Dharmesh Godha

    President and CTO

    Dharmesh is the President and CTO at Advaiya Solutions. Dharmesh has 15+ years of experience in various technology platforms, solution design, and project implementations. At the current role, Dharmesh enjoys analyzing the direction of technology platforms and aligning Advaiya’s initiatives to the state-of-the-art in technology and business. He focuses on developing the vision and architecture for solutions on improving enterprise productivity and consumer experiences.

    Kirti Sethiya

    Associate Principal

    Kirti, Associate Principal at Advaiya, is a technology enthusiast specializing in business applications and analytics. She has been an integral part of Advaiya for over seven years, contributing to myriad deliverables involving business intelligence, technology marketing, and business consulting.

    Max Leavitt

    Engagement Manager

    Max has 6 years of project management experience along with a Bachelors in Business Management from Central Washinton University. One of Max’s favorite roles at Advaiya solutions is in customer services. Max also oversees marketing for the United States. Max has recently moved back to the United States after spending 6 years in Tokyo where he managed wholesale logistics to American military bases across Japan. Max looks forward to learning how we can help make technology work for you moving forward.