Today we will talk about one of our extremely useful offerings for intranet and how do we enable a modern intranet quickly with your Office 365 setup. We will take you through what we believe a Modern Intranet is, what is kind of value that you get in your organization and how it can be useful for you? 

Advaiya has been a SharePoint solutions company since its inception. And we have a great experience of doing more than 500 SharePoint based projects across all the versions. We are Microsoft gold partner and we have competencies relating to analytics, collaboration & content, project & portfolio management. All that experience also allows us to understand the unique needs for various business verticals, various industry types and various applications areas relating to collaboration, social, project management, BI. How do you manage innovation and cohesion within your team? How do you have team engagement? How do you communicate in a way that employee engagement happens? 

What we believe is a Modern Intranet? 

The traditional view of intranet has been some sort of a web portal available inside your network to your employees. The definition as we look at it is quite dated. We believe a modern intranet should be one single platform which allows your team members to work together. An infrastructure that drives the key information activities i.e. how people within an information driven organization access information, collaborate with each, communicate with each other and get their work done. How do organizations perform the 3 key information activities i.e. Conversation, Discovery and Awareness? A modern intranet must enable these 3 in a way that it comes at a single place and employees need not have to go into different application, apps or portals to do that. All that available at your fingertips. 

What is AdVanced?

AdVanced – Modern Intranet on O365 was developed keeping in mind how an intranet matures within an organization. It enables you to get to the next maturity level as you build, implement & adopt your intranet. The key thing about Modern Intranet is that it enables your home page at work. Single page for all your information and key activities – access to your applications, documents, social conversations, information, reports and people. 


It allows you to connect to team members and talk to the relevant people and fulfills the requirement of meaningful conversation. A modern Intranet must allow discovery of information in an intuitive and a useful manner. We have used information architecture and the metadata feature that are available in O365 and used them to enable a very smart way of surfacing right information for you. At the same time when we talk about Modern intranet and modern workforces we realize that today the employees, the teams, the people they are not just residing within your office, they are everywhere and they are not accessing your intranet from just one device but from their mobiles, tablets, perhaps kiosks from an airport so your intranet must be available everywhere. 

AdVanced is a rapidly deployable and completely configurable so that you are not locked into one way of working. It is developed in a way that drives real adoption. We believe your technology investment goes into waste when people don’t really use it. How do you make that happen is what modern intranet is all about? 

Let’s talk specifically about AdVanced which allows you to begin immediately with your modern intranet. We have created a set of applications, widgets and pages which are hosted on Office 365 and allows you to create home pages for all your employees and departments, allows your people to fetch information, get document and access applications in a very easy way. 

It is completely metadata driven i.e. it surfaces only role based information. It is does not require someone to manage the content. It fetches information from across your intranet and surfaces it in an intuitive contextual manner. 

Its built-on Office 365 and uses the O365 development best practices which means it is readily extensible, completely maintainable and we are also delivering regular enhancements such as new designs, new themes, new widgets, new applications which adds to the value of the Modern Intranet.

To summarize AdVanced – Modern Intranet on Office 365 takes <48 hours to get started for any organization. With 6+ themes, 14+ built in widgets such as document libraries & file sharing, news & events, announcements, knowledgebase, social streams & corporate social networking, company/department policies, FAQ’s, quick links, upcoming birthdays, department  heroes, kudos and many more such as task & project management, forms, polls & surveys, expense submission amongst others, is a rapidly configurable and easily customizable platform. It comes with unlimited departmental sites, responsive templates, team collaboration, intranet search, admin configurations amongst other highly functional features.   

Drive conversation, discovery and awareness with Advaiya AdVanced Pack for Modern Intranet and get started from day 1.  

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