BI reporting is referred to the process of providing information or reports to end -users through a BI solution.
Business intelligence reporting can give any organization complete control over all its data, helping to drive more valuable insights and empower employees to meet and even exceed their goals. Here is what BI reporting can do for you:

It makes data analysis fast, accessible, and hassle-free.

  • BI reporting platforms are extremely easy to use. You can build dynamic charts, graphs, custom dashboards and generate reports in a matter of minutes.
  • Within the copious amounts of data, you can find the answers you need immediately. For example, Microsoft’s Power BI provides natural language query. Just type in a natural question and watch Power BI produce the exact data you asked for.
  • Some of the best BI reporting tools enable you to take your data on the road. The Power BI mobile app gives you access to all your analytics wherever you go.

It increases collaboration across the board.

  • BI reporting platform helps you bring all your data under one roof. This ensures everyone can finally work together on the same data and changes are reflected in real-time.
  • Allows you to share your data insights intelligently. Unlike manual reporting, BI reporting enables flexible controls that let you send the exact data you want to the exact people you want in the exact way you want.
  • The most up-to-date analytics anywhere. Only BI reporting can give you real-time data analysis, ensuring your employees are never left behind.

It lets you manage all your data with ease.

  • BI reporting allows you to curate your content with accuracy. You can easily control access permissions per user, data source, or even individual lines on a report.
  • It also enables you to build a holistic data governance strategy. You can create a data management plan in line with your organization with auditing controls.
  • Stop worrying about your data’s security. With more data controls, as well as secure infrastructure provided by BI platforms these days, you can rest easy.

It saves you both money and time.

  • Look for platforms that offer value for every buck you spend. One of which we can confidently talk about is Microsoft’s Power BI. The competition can’t touch its value. No other product offers as much power for as little price as Power BI.
  • Don’t get distracted by data spikes. BI reporting platforms will also automatically manage unexpectedly high data loads for you.

Microsoft Power BI can give your organization insights that will drive its future growth and has all the above-mentioned features. If you want to learn more about it, try taking a guided learning experience through all its features or sign up for a free demo.

Now get out there and go convince your boss!

Romi Mahajan

I’m an accidental marketer. My skills are in building deep relationships, seeing markets before they burgeon, and in applying socio-political concepts to business. I have 3 pillars on which I pursue opportunities: People, Impact, and Autonomy.

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