Sitecore Certified Solutions Partner

As a Sitecore Certified Solution Partner, we have earned this tag and respect of the industry because of the quality of work we have been showcasing in the past one decade. Advaiya believes very strongly in the capabilities of Sitecore and has learnt to exploit it to the fullest for the sake of our clients. And this practice has brought us accolades as a valued Sitecore partners in India.



We are approved and accepted Sitecore partners whose cutting edge marketing technology displayed by its platform makes it one of the most preferred digital marketing tools today. As Sitecore partner, we recommend Sitecore to our clients looking for enterprise class web presence to drive their businesses with sophisticated digital marketing presence.

Sitecore Partner Services

  • Solution Envisioning and Architecting
  • Development, Customization and Integration
  • Web Content Management
  • Migration and Deployment
  • Business Process Automation
  • Dashboards, Forecasting and Reporting
  • Support, Training and Guidance

Advaiya Offerings

As Sitecore certified partner, we have the experience of planning, architecting, designing and developing your web presence using the Sitecore Experience platform. Our services are comprehensive and include:

  • Hosting: We have certified developers who can assist you choosing the right hosting platform to support your Sitecore-based web assets in a friendly environment.
  • Training: We work closely with your developers during project initiation and train them in workflow processes.
  • Platform Inspection: To ensure best results, our team conducts detailed inspection to check out Sitecore stabilization.
  • DMS, XM Expertise: We do personalization, analytics and testing to maximize your digital marketing infrastructure.
  • eCommerce: We incorporate your Sitecore CMS with the best commerce solution.
  • Onsite Support: As Sitecore partners, we provide comprehensive onsite support of development services.
  • Maintenance: We have Sitecore certified developers for maintenance and code development.

Sitecore Certified Developers Team

Over the years, Advaiya, as a Sitecore certified solution partner, has developed a qualified team of resourceful strategists and inventive developers with strong experience in hosting, execution and providing support to the Sitecore platform and relevant server infrastructure. Our team - comprising of certified developers, developers and architects - has recently built our own website on Sitecore.

As veteran Sitecore partners in India, Advaiya also provides on- and off-shore development services with clients from around the globe.