Technology Adoption


Technologies have the potential to transform the way businesses function. But technology adoption and implementation often do not come easily to organizations due to employee resistance, lack of technical skills for proper execution, inadequate support for innovation, and high cost. Any new technology should be relevant for employees, designed and introduced in a way that it is convenient and aligned with job functions and work approach.

Advaiya, with its analytics-based insights, help organizations capitalize on their change management investments by introducing a pragmatic and actionable implementation roadmap with minimal learning curve. Partnering with us means you get optimal solutions for your desired business capabilities and automation, and we ensure that the new technology meets your business goals.

Our Services

  • Buyer persona analysis

  • Positioning and messaging strategy

  • Robust PoC and execution

  • Design engineering

  • Crowdsourcing platform

  • Assessments and reinforcement

  • Gamification mechanism

  • Training sessions