Advaiya sales assistance programs build on deep product and market understanding with a solution sales approach. It usually starts with the product information, and extends up to prospect motivation and conversion.

We develop targeted sales collaterals and marketing assets to enable sales teams with multiple aspects of demand generation, prospect engagement, lead qualification, presales and closure assistance. We build an actionable go-to-market strategy, assist to execute that strategy, help you generate and effectively measure the results. 


Our versatile and capable team ensure that your sales practices are as effective and agile as the business environment in which they function. Leveraging the technology, we equip sales teams with the right automation tools, frameworks, best practices, guidance and resources to effectively and quickly pitch your offerings to customers.

  • Sales automation tools
  • Persona analysis and influencer marketing
  • Demand generation campaigns and events
  • Online lead generation and engagement tools
  • Telesales design (process, scripts, measurement, etc.) and execution
  • Account intelligence, profiling and analytics
  • Connect for prospect engagement (email, social, phone, etc.)
  • Lead assessment and qualification
  • Pre-sales support