Mobile First and Multichannel

Google continually updates its search algorithm, rewarding mobile-friendly sites with higher rankings in search results. In fact, our recent study of how business users spend their screen time revealed that mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) get the vast majority of time compared to desktops or PCs.

Advaiya leverages this opportunity to make customer experiences mobile first, and help businesses embrace this fundamental change.

Mobile First:

Discover how consumers are interacting with mobile devices, so you can deliver contextually relevant experiences. Advaiya helps you analyze how different segments or groups use different devices (smartphones/tablets) to interact with your organization, and based on deep insights build a strategy to create deeper engagement.

Multichannel Adoption:

Customers use mobile devices to interact with your brand across myriad channels, from browsing your website or opening your app to posting something on your social networks, tweeting a message or calling your number. As more channels open up every day, successful organizations are focusing on giving customers access through their preferred channels, based on location, time and context. In this mobile-first era, whatever sector or industry you operate in, your organization needs a mobile strategy with a multichannel architecture to engage and retain customers.

Our Services

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