BI and Analytics

Right use of immense data available internally and externally to organizations can generate immense dividends. Advaiya brings together understanding of business context and purpose with technical and visualization skills. Opportunities today go beyond traditional BI and enable a smarter, more digital data driven business. Advaiya’s approach includes a business analysis framework to help organizations identify key business attributes, including demographic data, performance information, business history, locations, and online activities, as relevant to its business drivers.

microsoft silver partner


Advaiya, being Microsoft Gold partner for Data Analytics, can help you enhance your business productivity by creating advanced analytics solutions for your business.

Adaptive Business Intelligence

Insightful reports and dashboards relevant to users’ unique contexts can be highly valuable. Right reporting infrastructure, tools with provisioning of essential pre-built reports allow effective organizational working.

Advaiya can help you transform your complex data sets into intuitive & effective reports, dashboards and visualizations with the help of advanced technologies, like Microsoft Power BI. Our custom designed live dashboards can help business owners to have better insights into their businesses by providing effective visualizations and KPIs from data.

People Analytics

Analysis of human behavior includes identification and analysis of individual and aggregated behavior and traits on the basis of their past history and day-to-day digital activities. People analytics can help organizations make faster and more efficient decisions, boosting business outcomes in several ways. Key applications include marketing intelligence, audience analysis, product usage analysis, intent identification, HR analytics, hiring intelligence, etc.

Big Data

Very large data sets arising from multiple sources require specialized technology implementations and analysis techniques. Advaiya has a team of data consultants, business analysts and architects who can design how big data and advanced analytics can help enhance your strategic data assets. Our technology implementation, integration and development services with customized data models can empower business owners to easily analyze, visualize and report data spread across multiple sources.

Our Services

  • Data discovery and exploration

  • Performance management solutions

  • Integration, aggregation and other custom analytics solutions

  • Data quality assessments

  • BI consulting services

  • Power BI implementation

  • Reporting and dashboarding

  • Social media and online information analysis

  • Big Data solution implementation

  • Sentiment analysis