Chief Operating Officer | Advaiya Solutions

Ruchika is Advaiya’s Chief Operating Officer, responsible for managing the company’s business operations, executing business strategy and ensuring operational excellence company-wide. 

Ruchika is also responsible for overall brand development and marketing initiatives. In addition to that, she leads employee effectiveness team at Advaiya working across the company to establish and execute strategy for talent acquisition, performance management and compensation schemes. 

Prior to becoming COO in April 2015, Ruchika was Executive Director of Advaiya’s human resource department, a position she held since 2006. In this role she was instrumental in driving operational excellence through employee efficiency and effectiveness. 

Earlier in her career, she acquired over 16 years of experience working across aviation, textiles, engineering and technology companies. Ruchika attended the International Institute of Professional Studies, where she received her Master’s in Management Science with HRD as the subject of specialization, and received her diploma in HRD from Academy of Human Resource Department.