Justify your PPM investment with AdValue

Justify your Project Portfolio Management Investment

The Advaiya AdValue pack is designed to get Project Online deployed rapidly and adopted broadly.

Advaiya's AdValue pack provides you a robust data-driven platform for improved project insights and streamlined reporting.

Benefits of AdValue Pack for Project Management

  • Rapid Deployment: Get started with Project Online in just a day or two
  • Gain Deeper Insights: Click to deploy BI dashboards for team members, project managers, and executives to easily track metrics
  • Sharpen Project Visibility: Quick access to all relevant project information and summarized project status for informed decision making
  • Simplify Best Practices: Standard and custom process templates and best practices across all your projects
  • Automate Project Processes: Built-in workflows for standardize project management phases
  • Improve Collaboration: Customized project workspace for better tracking, information sharing and collaboration

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For handy information about AdValue Pack for Project Management, you can refer the Datasheet.

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